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Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Browser Hijacker, PUP is a dangerous browser hijacker due to the amendments it introduces into the way your browser normally operates. For example, it changes the home page to begin with and additionally redirects your search queries through other random sites. The peculiarity of this hijacker is that it only attacks Google Chrome browser and possibly […]

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It’s amazing how tenacious some hijackers could be! Unlike other malicious applications, which lifespan usually is not more than a week, Browser hijacker stays afloat for several years! I don’t really have an idea how its developers do it, but I know how dangerous is and how to remove this hijacker from your […]

How to remove hijacker removal guide

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Browser Hijacker browser hijacker is a widespread computer threat. This tricky malicious software is able to infect all popular browsers, that you are probably using: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera. steals your homepage, search and error pages and show up itself instead. redirect virus, in fact, is a browser hijacker – web […]