Remove 365Stream Search

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365Stream Search is the page set as your homepage if a certain browser hijackers has been installed onto your computer. It is not malicious in the sense that it will not harm your computer but it will make unwanted changes to your browser and attempt to redirect you to sponsored pages. This is not unusual […]

How to remove Hijacker

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BetterSearch.cois a typical malicious adware, that infects popular browsers: 谷歌Chrome浏览器, 火狐浏览器, Edge and Internet Explorer. After infecting, hijacker replaces homepage and default search engine by This website contains search bar, but everything it does is scanning whole user browser activity. It is not good, because your privacy is not safe. […] Removal

发表于 发表评论张贴在 广告软件, PUP is a browser hijacker that could make unwanted changes to your browser. 如果允许劫机者进入你的电脑, 它会改变你的主页, 新的标签页和搜索引擎未经您的许可. 它不提供任何东西,因为显示的搜索引擎有用 ( 甚至不工作. 平时, hijackers try to […]