Remove NotToTrackIM ads (tips)

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At first glance, NotToTrackIM is a normal application. Such programs offering various services like games, weather, trackers, traffic maps, speed tests and so on. Many internet users may find interesting such activities. However, they have no idea the program will generate various ads. These annoying adverts will pop up from time to time during your […]

Remove YeaClean unwanted app

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YeaClean is an ad-injector that installs as a browser extension with the primary objective of injecting ads into others sites, without permission from those sites. These ads take the form of banners, text-links, coupons and other intrusive advertising methods. Ad injection is a technique by which ads are inserted in webpages without getting the permission […]

Get rid of Redirect virus

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Adware, PUP, which is reported as a stubborn redirect virus keeps popping up endless of annoying ads to trouble users. Users around the world are victims of infection. When users are redirected to, it is always a sign of potentially unwanted programs targets almost all the browsers users used. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, […]

InterStat removal guide

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InterStat seems to be a sincere assistance for online surfing. When you are browsing or using your browsers, it is triggered to display so-called coupons which are actually ads by adware. Sure, InterStat is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and it will distribute numerous ads on your PC in the forms of coupons, discount, or […]

How to Remove

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Adware, PUP is defined as a malicious browser infection. This is because it hijacks computer users’ internet browsers and constantly pops up in new tabs. virus usually sneaks into your system when you are downloading and installing stuff from the internet. But unfortunately, it cannot be removed from your machine easily. No matter you try […]