Package Tracker Pro removal info.

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Package Tracker Pro stands for a new malicious browser extension name related. Currently it is widely spread in the Internet and the degree of its distribution grows by leaps and bounds. If you have discovered that your browser is stuck with Package Tracker Pro and you cannot get rid of it, then follow this removal […]

xsocksx.exe trojan removal guide.

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xsocksx.exe is a process you may see active when opening the Task Manager. The problem is that it is related to the malicious software currently installed and enabled in your computer. As a result, your system now functions extremely slow and does not let you fully enjoy the functionality of your computer. Furthermore, activity of […]

How to remove FunPopularGames

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FunPopularGames – is a typical web-browser extension. It can be installed on different internet browsers, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Designers of this extension claim, that FunPopularGames helps user with Web surfing by adding various functions. It looks as useful and good program, but people classify FunPopularGames as potentially unwanted program. Why? […]


Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Adware, PUP is a browser hijacker that you may suddenly find in your browser. It must have entered your computer together with free software because you did not notice it being attached. If it goes unnoticed during freeware installation, it is allowed to install alongside. Hijackers are typically low-level threats and are not malicious. However, […] Removal

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Adware, PUP is a website which tries to convince users that it is a legitimate search provider. Unfortunately, it is not what it claims to be so keeping and using it as a default search tool might be a really bad idea. Experts believe that search tool is nothing more than a browser hijacker because it […]