How to remove, a.k.a. NIX Video Player update alerts?

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Browser Hijacker, Rouge alerts may attack your browser once the system is contaminated by adware. The aim of these pop-ups is not to improve the system performance but rather to make things even worse with your entire workstation. By the way, the main intention of these bogus warnings is to force you into downloading and installing other […]

“11 Pumpkin Flavored Foods” redirect trojan – how to delete it for good?

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“11 Pumpkin Flavored Foods” is a new quite dangerous site that is related to causing numerous browser redirection issues on many computers and their respective browsers. Computer users are definitely fed up to be permanently encountering such a wide range of really intrusive pop-ups that keep redirecting users to plenty of random sites. We strongly […]

Imeternal trojan (detection & deletion).

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Imeternal is the classification of a serious trojan horse based on the databases of several anti-virus programs today. Unfortunately, there are many computers affected by Imeternal infection currently. It represents danger for the integrity of your system, so obviously it deserves immediate elimination from the workstation.