mswininit.exe steals CPU energy. How to stop mswininit.exe process?

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mswininit.exe is rather active nowadays. Bitcoin, Monero, DarkNetCoin, and other cryptocurrencies are in danger. This threat is a Trojan Horse that penetrates the system, infect particular files and uses them to disrupt digital money. Despite the fact this trojan works secretly, there are some symptoms which indicate the system is not clean anymore. Several of […] pop-ups. How to remove musicNet Start extension?

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Adware, Browser Hijacker stands for a quite dangerous site name that is currently actively displaying the bunch of really annoying pop-up windows saying that your computer (and your browser in particular) requires some installation of certain extension under the name of musicNet Start. On the other hand, you’re strongly advised not to proceed with such installations, since […]

How to remove install.exe CPU Miner?

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Currently many anti-virus programs identify certain malicious digital coin-mining software under the detection name of install.exe. Sadly, this type of infection is widely spread today, but the problem is that there is still the large portion of security utilities that fail to properly detect this hazardous application as malicious. This tutorial will provide you with […]

sbisvc.exe coin-mining trojan removal guide.

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sbisvc.exe is nothing but yet another malicious process that is related to mining digital currencies for other people by using the power of your cherished computer. Unfortunately, this sort of utility is widely spread in the web today and has already infected a lot of workstations, especially the ones that were poorly protected by existing […]