Awesome Shoppers adware removal

Don’t mess with the Awesome Shoppers ads! They will not look so awesome inside your computer system. In a word, don’t let unfamiliar quests in, if you want to feel safe. But what to do if you have already attacked by Awesome Shoppers adware? Primarily, you need to assure that your computer is infected.

Ads by Awesome Shoppers
Ads by Awesome Shoppers

The most significant feature of an Awesome Shoppers adware presence is thousands of ads appearance on your PC screen, no matter what website you’re going to visit. It is textually filling your browser with all those deceptive and senseless deals and offers signed “by Awesome Shoppers”. Unfortunately, the present-day adware applications are able to invade all popular browsers, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox. So, if even you don’t feel any danger from the Awesome Shoppers so far, you are probably in the risk zone.

So please, be attentive when you are online, searching for any freeware. Remember, that cost-free thing can hide a menace inside. Don’t rush installing any program, especially from suspicious recourses, choose the “Custom” installation mode. It helps you to see what additional programs are offered for you and understand, that this is an adware, potentially unwanted program for your computer. Please, uncheck boxes to protect your system from adware penetration, and you won’t support dishonest developers of malicious software on they dark way.

There are two ways to remove annoying Awesome Shoppers completely and effectively. If you are an advanced user and strongly believe in yourself, you can try to follow our manual removal guide. It is much harder and takes your time, but you will be proud of feeling yourself a real security buddy. But to be honest it is not a trivial task, so if you don’t want to waste this beautiful day racking your brain, please take advantage of the automatic removal tool which we recommend for this adware effectively elimination.

Awesome Shoppers adware manual removal steps:

Step 1. Delete Awesome Shoppers from the system.

To delete Awesome Shoppers application from your PC, you should use “Uninstall the program” tool depending on your operation system.

Windows XP: Start —> Control Panel ––> Add/Remove Programs. Choose the “Awesome Shoppers” in the list of installed programs by a right-click and press “Remove”.

Windows 7: Start ––> Control Panel ––> Uninstall a program. Just the same actions: right-click on the “Awesome Shoppers” in a software list and press “Uninstall”.

Windows 8/8.1: Right-click on Start ––> Quick Access Menu ––> Control Panel ––> Uninstall a program. Choose a “Awesome Shoppers” among a listed here programs, right-click on it and then press “Uninstall”.

Step 2. Reset your browser settings.

It is necessary to reset browser settings after the deletion of the program from the list of software installed on your PC. For this, use the following tips depending on what browser are you currently using:

  • Google Chrome Browser: Settings —> Show advanced settings. Click on “Reset settings” in the bottom of the page.
  • Mozilla Firefox: press “Refresh Firefox” button in the right top corner.
  • Opera: delete “Operapref.ini file” in folder “C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\” on your computer.
  • Internet Explorer: Tools —> Internet options —> click on the “Advanced” button and then press “Reset”.

Awesome Shoppers automatic removal guide

If something went wrong or you just want to see the fast result, please use the help of professional malware eliminator – GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Moreover, even you have managed to remove Awesome Shoppers from your computer and browser, we recommend you to download this tool and use it as a free antimalware scanner to see whether any other malicious program has penetrated into your system.

Download free antimalware scanner:

⇓ Download Trojan Killer ⇓

After downloading is completed, please install it and run the full scan. Yeah, it will take a time, but security experts always recommend to choose a full scan as your first scan, especially if you suspect that your PC could be infected. Take a look at the screenshots below: it will help you understand what’s going on.

Step 1. Run a full scan of your system

Free antimalware scanner
Trojan Killer allows you to choose the type of scan

…and go drink coffee until the end of it! 🙂
Eliminate Malware In Minutes
Here you see the list of the detected items, which can be harmful

At the end of the scan, the program will offer you to move all malicious items to the quarantine. Just do it clicking on the “Apply” button and set your system free from the Awesome Shoppers infection!

Step 2. Reset your browser settings using an appropriate tool:

Reset Browser Settings
Find “Reset browser settings” button on the Trojan Killer tools tab

Check all browser boxes, which might be infected with the Awesome Shoppers, on a settings tab:
Delete Adware from the browser
On this tab you can specify what exactly you need to reset

Then just press the “Reset” button. Voila! It is a good idea to restart your computer after all this manipulation and check if these annoying Awesome Shoppers ads leave you in peace:
⇓ Free Antimalware Scanner ⇓

Don’t hesitate to contact GridinSoft Trojan Killer developers if you have any problem regarding your system security – you can always reach them submitting a ticket.

Step 3. Celebrate your victory!

Either you choose the manual or the automatic removal solution, congratulations! You won this battle with unfair malware developers. Your computer is clean now, so you should be proud and do something nice for yourself as a gift. Red velvet cake or can of beer? It’s up to you! 😉

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