Clear Web Search extension removal

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Clear Web Search is one of the suspicious web browser extension which may affect your web browsing experience in a negative way. This threat is not malicious in itself, but it can perform extremely annoying activities and sometimes even poses a serious harm to your system. Thus, system security researchers have already categorized Clear Web […]

How to Remove Tergiversation

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Tergiversation is defined as a malicious browser infection. This is because it hijacks computer users’ internet browsers and constantly pops up in new tabs. Tergiversation virus usually sneaks into your system when you are downloading and installing stuff from the internet. But unfortunately, it cannot be removed from your machine easily. No matter you try […]

Stop redirect virus

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Adware, PUP is a brand new browser hijacker that can make your browsing sessions more difficult. You can get the redirect virus by downloading free software from the Internet and not paying attention to the installation process. Once on your computer, it changes your browser’s settings and keeps track of your browsing. It’s advertised as […]