History Cleaner Odstranění Guide

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History Cleaner browser extension will get installed on the computer without user’s consent. To je přesně důvod, proč to bylo jmenováno jako potenciálně nežádoucí program nebo PUP. Jak budete surfovat na internetu, History Cleaner may annoy you by displaying advertisements and occasional browser redirects. Tam jsou také časy, které nechtěné add-on, jako je tato […]

How to remove Startme.today Hijacker

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Startme.todayis a typical malicious adware, that infects popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. After infecting, hijacker replaces homepage and default search engine by Startme.today. This website contains search bar, but everything it does is scanning whole user browser activity. It is not good, because your privacy is not safe. […]