How to remove Hijacker

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Websrch.netis a typical malicious adware, that infects popular browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. After infecting, hijacker replaces homepage and default search engine by This website contains search bar, but everything it does is scanning whole user browser activity. It is not good, because your privacy is not safe. […]

Remove Search

Poŝtita sur lasu komentonPoŝtita en Adware, PUP Homepage is a suspicious website that professes itself as rightful search engine. Its undertaking to trick computer users is somehow plausible. Many web users fall victims to and it is now set as the default home page of their browser. There will be no visible hazard except for outdone home page and default search […]

Remove virus

Poŝtita sur lasu komentonPoŝtita en Adware, PUP is a highly questionable browser extension that essentially forces you to install it. It is not malware, in the sense that it will not harm your computer directly, but it may perform various kinds of alterations to your browser. You can get it from dubious websites where you are suggested to install an extension […] Removal Steps

Poŝtita sur lasu komentonPoŝtita en Adware, PUP is a doubtful domain that sticks itself to various internet browser programs. This hijacker can totally change the behavior of browser by modifying certain aspects like default search engine to Search Excite, start-up page, and new tab window. Existence of adware is very much noticeable on home page; in its place is Search bar. […]

How to remove Redirect

Poŝtita sur lasu komentonPoŝtita en Adware, PUP – estas alidirektilo adware, kiu povas infekti sekva ttt-legiloj: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox kaj Internet Explorer kiam uzanto instalas liberan programaron. Eble enveni faskon kun liberaj programoj kaj ĝi ne uzas komponantojn kiuj estas videblaj al komputilo de uzanto. redirects user to various search engines with typed text and search […]

How to remove pop-ups & pligrandigo?

Poŝtita sur lasu komentonPoŝtita en Adware, PUP is an unwanted extension for Google Chrome browser. Typically it is widely spread in the web today through .com pop-up windows. tamen, these particular pop-ups do not appear without any reason in your browser. Normally they will come up after your computer is already contaminated with adware. It may hijack your browser and […]


Poŝtita sur lasu komentonPoŝtita en Adware, PUP is a low-quality engine that functions as a browser hijacker. It spreads online bundled with other freeware and shareware. You may have acquired it by accident. The hijacker is aimed at promoting its sponsors and thus earning money for its developers. It does not have any beneficial features that would make it for keeping […]

Remove Quiclean (Google Chrome)

Poŝtita sur lasu komentonPoŝtita en Adware, PUP

Quiclean browser extension will get installed on the computer without user’s consent. Tiu estas ĝuste la kialo kial ĝi estis nomita kiel potenciale nedezirata programo aŭ PUP. Kiel vi navigi la reto, Quiclean may annoy you by displaying advertisements and occasional browser redirects. There are also times that unwanted add-on such as this can manipulate […]