Searchzweb.comブラウザハイジャッカーを削除します (アンインストール・ガイド)

投稿 コメントを残しますで掲示されます アドウェア, PUP is a browser hijacker which may inject itself into all popular browsers, しかしながら, primarily into Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The hijacker modifies the default home page and search engine settings. そう, if you are commonly used to surf the web through Google Search, you will instead be forced to submit your search queries […]


投稿 コメントを残しますで掲示されます アドウェア, PUP is a particularly nasty domain, indicative of the presence of a cyber threat, lurking somewhere in the shadows of your system. はい, if the see the site show up, then you were unlucky enough to catch an infection. と, not just any infection but a browser hijacker. In case you’re unfamiliar, hijackers are intrusive, […]