How Can I Remove LogicHandler.exe?

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LogicHandler.exe is a malicious software usually downloaded to user’s computer with help of Adware. It is defined as Severe computer threat for its connection with all kinds of computer viruses and malware, including trojan, worm, PUP, hijacker and rogueware. Your system will be attacked by it if you install freeware without canceling unwanted options, open […]

Remove BrowserExtensionsSetup.exe viruses

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BrowserExtensionsSetup.exe are two malicious processes related to Browsebr Extensions Setup browser hijacker. Both of these processes are equally malicious, since their mission is to protect this nasty browser hijacker from being easily deleted by users. Furthermore, because of these two processes your personal information is under permanent supervision. In other words, the hijacker performs the […] homepage removal

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The people behind the hijacker have taken the necessary precautions to avoid having legal problems with computer users. They need to take measures because the shady program could cause people to experience security issues. We already touched on the risk around the bogus search results. The same threat comes from another task the […]

Advertisement powered by – adware removal

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Following this guide will help you to remove adware program from your system. This is a potentially unwanted application which is often bundled by default with many other cost-free programs downloaded by users. Again and again, you need to be very careful when you install such programs from free software download places in the […]

Uninstall from browser

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Adware, PUP is bogus website that tries to trick you into installing malicious software into your computer. This pop-up is causes by an adware application that has infiltrated your machine. The malicious program will randomply display browser pop-ups leading you to the site and no matter how hard you try to remove it – it […]

How to remove pop-up virus?

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Adware, PUP stands for a new malicious domain name. It is currently actively involved in operation of some adware programs, especially those implanting PCs through adding unwanted extensions into browsers. The origin of all such pop-ups is quite well-known. Typically they attack browsers once some nasty adware interferes into the system. hijacker removal plan

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Adware, PUP is a browser hijacker, which is not a decent search provider. It cannot be compared to Google or Yahoo. What is does is simply stealing search results from these reputable search companies and presenting them as its own ones. By means of various deceptive tricks, the hijacker injects itself into all widely used browsers […]