facebookdigital.info redirect virus – remove scam pop up window

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Don’t mess with facebookdigital.info! This dubious phishing domain has nothing in common with the Facebook social network. Moreover, its malicious application is dangerous not only for your system but for your purse too. Security experts classified it as a browser hijacker because of facebookdigital.info redirect, but this malware also produces deceptive pop-ups with the aim […]

FunFeedr adware removal

FunFeedr adware – how to uninstall?

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It’s hard to resist when a cute puppy offers you to have a break and just start enjoying fun stuff. But, don’t believe dubious browser extensions like FunFeedr, or funfeedr.com! Adware developers just waiting for your weakness. Stay strong and learn how dangerous FunFeedr could be and what is the best way to eliminate it.

webssearches.com terminate

Remove webssearches.com browser

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It’s amazing how tenacious some hijackers could be! Unlike other malicious applications, which lifespan usually is not more than a week, webssearches.com hijacker stays afloat for several years! I don’t really have an idea how its developers do it, but I know how dangerous is webssearches.com and how to remove this hijacker from your browser.