Security Defender fake AV – uninstall rogue

Security Defender developers claims that this is an antivirus program, which will protect your computer and ensure the security of your browsing on the web. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s a lie. Security Defender is a rogue program, so-called fake AV, which is using deceptive messages about viruses to get money from you.

delete Security Defender
Security Defender fake AV

Please, never trust the scan results of such dubious rogue programs or their fake pop-up alerts. Always check this results with another antimalware scanner, installed willfully. Security Defender, probably, has penetrated into your system without your direct permission from some infected websites, bundled with another freeware or in spam e-mail attachments. If you notice any signs of Security Defender presence on you PC, it means that your now your computer is vulnerable for other malicious encroachments.

Security Defender removal guide

NB!! Dealing with Security Defender, please use Internet Explorer browser, cause all others browsers work could be disrupted with this rogue.

Step 1.

Open “My Computer” (Windows Explorer).

Step 2.

I recommend you to use the following solution to block Security Defender activity, because while its processes are running it will not let you using other antiviruses programs:

  • insert “” in the address field —> press “Enter”;
  • save “explorer.exe” on your computer;
  • run “explorer.exe”;
  • insert “Defender” in the empty field —> press “Scan”;
  • give your permission to kill the process of Defender Pro 2015 process.

Step 3.

Visit the site to download GridinSoft Trojan Killer or use the button below:

⇓ Download Trojan Killer ⇓

After downloading is completed, please install it and run the full scan. Yeah, it will take a time, but security experts always recommend to choose a full scan as your first scan, especially if you suspect that your PC could be infected. Take a look at the screenshots below: it will help you understand what’s going on.

Step 4. Run a full scan of your system

Free antimalware scanner
Trojan Killer allows you to choose the type of scan

…and go drink coffee until the end of it! 🙂

Eliminate Malware In Minutes
Here you see the list of the detected items, which can be harmful

At the end of the scan, the program will offer you to move all malicious items to the quarantine. Just do it clicking on the “Apply” button and set your system free from the Security Defender infection! Voila! It is a good idea to restart your computer after all this manipulation and check if this Security Defender leaves you in peace:

⇓ Free Antimalware Scanner ⇓

Don’t hesitate to contact GridinSoft Trojan Killer developers if you have any problem regarding your system security – you can always reach them submitting a ticket.

Step 5. Celebrate your victory!

Either you choose the manual or the automatic removal solution, congratulations! You won this battle with unfair malware developers. Your computer is clean now, so you should be proud and do something nice for yourself as a gift. Foam bath or tickets for the game? It’s up to you! 😉

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