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Glad to meet you here 🙂 My name is Jinny and I have owned this blog to help every computer user to derive maximum benefit from the browsing on the web. Unfortunately, secure browsing rules are not studied in schools yet, but this knowledge is pretty important to introduce such subject. However, we live in times of fast technical growth – the science is developing rapidly, the pace of life is accelerating.

Because of this, maybe it is senseless to include such subject in a school curriculum – while it will be approved, everything can change. Hackers will find new loopholes for breakups, adware will spread in a new, more dodgy way… (By the way, what is adware, malware, hijacker etc. you can learn from here).

That’s why I’ve decided that the blog – each day updateable, always online – is the best way to stand guard over the computer security of the users all over the world. Except the things, that you shouldn’t do on the Internet (for safety reasons), I will tell you about what you can do – the things, that simplify and enrich your browsing experience, but very few people know. What passwords are the most reliable? What don’t you know about omniscient Google? I will help you to find what are you looking for and avoid stuff that you don’t really need.

Why do I do this? I love computers and want to learn more about them. I love convenience and simplicity, new interesting information and self-improvement. And I love coffee and foam baths – but it is quite another story… 😉


  • por favor comentabas sobre unas llaves de acceso gratuito para limpiar mi ordenador con del troja killer, tengo como 280 infeccionaes a causa del browse air, por favor me ayudas con este tema?
    gracias anticipadas

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