Remove (myhomepage123) or myhomepage123 is a home page hijacker and redirect that is connected to adware. It was designed to occupy your default search engine and new tab as well. The presence of this adware is very evident with search bar assigned to your browser’s home page. In some instances, home page remains as it is, but when you start to search the web, browser is redirected to search result. Behavior of when running on the computer is minimal. In fact, only affected browser will uncover the infection. Nonetheless, it is still safer to be online without the presence of this adware.

Continue reading Hijacker Removal Instructions hijacker is a nasty browser hijacker. Currently it infects all widely used browsers and causes many troubles for users. They want to get rid of from the startup page of their browsers, but no matter what they do, it still appears there when they launch Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Plus, it changes the default search engine settings. Each time you attempt to open new tab or blank tab in your browser, the hijacker appears again and again. Definitely, this is quite annoying experience, isn’t it?

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