发布 发表评论张贴在 广告软件, PUP is a website which tries to convince users that it is a legitimate search provider. 不幸的是, 它不是什么它声称如此保存和使用它作为默认搜索工具可能是一个非常糟糕的主意. Experts believe that MCASINO Search search tool is nothing more than a browser hijacker […]

Remove Redirect

发布 发表评论张贴在 广告软件, PUP is a home page hijacker and redirect that is connected to adware. was designed to occupy your default search engine and new tab as well. Presence of this adware is very evident with search bar assigned to your browser’s home page. 在某些情况下, 主页保持原样, 但当 […]