发布 发表评论张贴在 广告软件, PUP ads will appear on the computer if relevant browser extension was installed. 它被当作软件来观看和收听您喜爱的在线内容. What comes with this tool is ad that annoys most users. extension delivers advertisements by injecting it into the context of the page. may seem […]


发布 发表评论张贴在 广告软件, PUP

ConvertPDFsNow browser extension will get installed on the computer without user’s consent. 这正是为什么它被命名为潜在有害程序或PUP的原因. 当你上网, ConvertPDFsNow may annoy you displaying advertisements and occasional browser redirects. 也有倍不必要的插件,例如这样可以 […]